How can I customize my Sportingbet account?

You can choose your preferred general settings under Settings in your Sportingbet account.

You can also choose your preferred communication settings under Communication Preferences in your Sportingbet account. For example, you may set the following preferences:

  • how to receive e-mail messages on our current events (newsflashes, weekly newsletters, bonus/promotional e-mails)

  • whether or not to receive any e-mail messages from us at all

  • whether or not to receive ordinary mail from us

  • whether or not to receive info SMSs from us

  • whether or not to receive updates on our partners’ special offers

Daily, weekly and monthly limits on your personal deposits into your account can be imposed under Deposit limits.

You can also set the following preferences under Settings in the sports betting section:

  • whether you wish the odds to be displayed in European, British or American format
  • whether or not to specify a standard amount for your bets

Please note that these personal settings will not work unless your browser and security settings are set to enable cookies.