Basic principles

Responsible Gaming at Sportingbet

As an online gaming pioneer, Sportingbet has brought the passion for gaming and betting to the internet. We support the generation of online gamers – with exciting and challenging offers. We also take responsibility for our product line-up.

Sportingbet wants to provide the world's safest and most innovative gaming platform for adults. By means of a fair and responsible product line-up, every user can play within their financial means and receive the best possible service. Sportingbet commits itself to integrity, fairness and reliability. It is therefore clear that Sportingbet should do its best to avoid and reduce the problems which can arise from participation in games of chance, particularly through excessive play. At the same time it is important to respect the rights of those who take part in games of chance to a reasonable extent as a means of entertainment .

Responsible Gaming at Sportingbet is based on three pillars: 1. Security of the player, 2. Security of the game and 3. Protection against gaming addiction. Together with research institutes, associations and therapy institutions, we work on measures for player protection and are working towards a responsible, secure and reliable framework for online gaming in South Africa.

1. Security of the player

We take responsibility for the security of our players. Protection of players is based on guidelines stipulated by the SARGF (South African Responsible Gambling Foundation), exclusion of minors from the product line-up and the protection of privacy, which involves responsible dealings with data and payment processing. Fairness and the random nature of the products offered are monitored closely by independent authorities. Marketing communication is also geared towards player protection: a fair gaming line-up only promises what it can deliver.

2. Security of the game

We take responsibility for the security of our gaming line-up in two ways: first of all, we protect our users against mistakes such as inadvertant placement of bets by means of "gameful usability". In addition, online monitoring at Sportingbet as well as the experience of our bookmakers ensures protection against fraud. Manipulation of bets and money laundering are crimes and not a game. To this extent, we work closely with the WCGRB (Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board) and the SARGF.

3. Protection against gaming addiction: research – prevention – intervention

The majority of users of sports bets and other gaming offers play in moderation as a means of entertainment. Behaviour patterns which are negligible when undertaken to a reasonable extent (such as shopping, playing sports, eating or the consumption of alcohol) can escalate for some people and become a problem. In the same way, participation in bets and games of chance can also lead to problems for a small group of customers.

In order to offer customers the best possible support, all user contact which is related to responsible gaming is dealt with by a dedicated "Responsible Gaming" team within the customer support department. This team works on recommendations for customers on the extent to which it is possible for them to play responsibly. In cases which can be traced back to gaming addiction, further participation in the gaming line-up is prohibited. The customer then receives support and advice on how to find professional assistance in their area.

Self-responsibility is the most sustainable form of prevention

Sportingbet promotes the basic principle that the final decision and responsibility for the extent of gaming and the amount wagered should lie with the customer. Self-responsibility on the part of the customer is therefore the most sustainable form of protection. Sportingbet sees its responsibility as supporting the customer in making responsible decisions based on a clear product line-up, comprehensive information and ways of behaving.

Protection of minors

Sportingbet exludes minors (persons under the age of 18) from participation in its gaming line-up. Mandatory confirmation of having reached the age of majority and date of birth is therefore a requirement for registration. A copy of photographic ID is also required in case the account has not been verified automatically. Sportingbet takes its responsibility for preventing minors from taking part in its gaming line-up seriously. In order to offer the best-possible protection of minors, we also rely on the support of parents and carers. Please keep your access details safe at all times (user ID, password and your question and answer combination).

Furthermore, we would recommend that you install filter software. This software will allow you to restrict internet access for children and young people.You can find more information on this topic at Filter software such as can offer further protection.

Responsibility towards problems

As a "House of Games", Sportingbet offers a variety of games and bets which present a form of entertainment for the majority of customers. Sportingbet takes responsibility for these people by providing support and tools which ensure a secure and entertaining environment which deals with the associated risks responsibly.

Those who have difficulty in assessing risks, recognising their own limits or those who suffer from addictions are not in a position to enjoy our product line-up responsibly as a form of entertainment. Sportingbet takes responsibility for this by excluding such persons from the gaming line-up for their own protection.