Disconnection and Cancellation Policy

  1. Unless otherwise stated by us, the following Terms and Conditions set forth the rules and procedures that govern all players' rights in the event of disconnection and game cancellation.
  2. Disconnect protection is a tool that protects players if their internet connection is lost while they are involved in a pot. If a player is disconnected, he/she will be able to stay in the hand (provided disconnect protection is available) to contest the portion of the pot that he/she was financially involved in at the time of disconnection.
  3. We strive to offer the best disconnect protection to our players. Our goal is to protect players while also maintaining appropriate checks so that the protection offered is not abused.
  4. Disconnect protection is not intended to be used other than in the event of a genuine disconnection. Any misuse of this policy may result in the forfeiture of any monies won, tournament disqualification, the loss of the disconnect protection privilege, or expulsion from the site.
  5. Our software is designed to assess if a player has a genuine disconnection before giving the disconnect protection to him/her. Players trying to take advantage of disconnect protection by deliberately getting 'timed out' will be deemed to have folded.
  6. Players must accept the risk of disconnection, and should simply log back in and continue playing as quickly as possible if they are cut off. Ask your ISP about how they can help reduce the risk of disconnection. We are not responsible for disconnected players.
  7. If a player is disconnected during a hand and has disconnect protection available, he/she will be able to play for the part of the pot he/she has invested money in. The player can win whatever was in the pot at the time of the disconnection.
  8. We reserve the right to alter this policy and render final decisions on all matters herein at Our sole discretion. Policy changes and relevant decisions will be communicated accordingly by us using electronic and/or written means.